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Vibrant Health Maximum Vibrance


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Maximum Vibrance Futurefood, 25.28 oz

Delicious Chocolate Chunk Flavor!

Newest Formula: Version 4.0

15-30 Day Supply

Gluten free Maximum Vibrance delivers a meal's worth of high protein plus a dose of multi-vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, and Probiotics to increase vitality, energy and achieve optimum health.

Maximum Vibrance® is nearly everything you need to take. Certainly it is far more than:
  • A multi-vitamin
  • A green food
  • An antioxidant
  • A protein supplement
  • An immune support supplement
  • A probiotic supplement
  • Faster than a fast food!
Maximum Vibrance® delivers a meal’s worth of high protein, almost no fat, plus a Paleolithic dose of micronutrients. What is meant by “a Paleolithic dose of micronutrients?” The term means that Maximum Vibrance® will feed the human body a broad and rich range of vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and nutritional co-factors at levels that closely match the high requirements of the ancient, Paleolithic biochemistry that resides in each of us.

We are programmed to need more micronutrients than our modern food can supply. When we don’t get enough of them - and there are thousands - biological systems falter or may break down entirely. Immunity, growth, maturation, healing, cardiac health, skeletal health, and a broad number of body systems may begin to function poorly. Maximum Vibrance® should prevent those events that too often draw down the vitality of too many persons.

Maximum Vibrance® comes closer than any other dietary supplement to being the singular product one may take in place of all other supplements. The only group of essential nutrients absent from the formula is the omega-3 fatty acids. Unfortunately, technology has not yet developed a stable form of powdered omega-3s. Rest assured, when it becomes available it will find its way into our product.

Maximum Vibrance® marries fully balanced vegetable protein to certified organic vitamins and minerals of plant origin, and then blends them into a mass of specially selected and certified organic plant foods that provide a complete array of nutrients necessary for optimal health.

Astaxanthin, lycopene, beta-carotene and a host of botanical extracts push the protective antioxidant power of Maximum Vibrance® to, well, maximum levels. The organic cereal grass juice powders, spirulina, ample chlorella, vegetables and fruits deliver broad nutrition and effective detoxification. Our classically powerful blend of 25 billion probiotics per serving from 12 strains of beneficial bacteria, are here too, just as they are in Green Vibrance®.

Use two scoops (enclosed in the jar) for a complete meal replacement or one scoop for a nutritious snack. Either way, the pleasant taste of Maximum Vibrance® permits its use in any beverage from water through juices to almond milk, or any smoothie.

Maximum Vibrance® contains 120 ingredients which include 80 plants, 26 antioxidants, 6g of fiber, 7 servings of fruits and vegetables, 7 vegetable based digestive enzymes, 23g of protein and so much more!

Maximum Vibrance® is the most comprehensive nutritional multi-supplement you will find anywhere in the world. It’s more than a super food, it’s a Futurefood!

Futurefood™ (noun) \'fyü-chәr'füd\
  1. An expectation of advancement or progressively developed materials consisting essentially of a meal’s worth of plant protein, almost no fat, plus a significant dose of micronutrients.
  2. Feeds the 70 trillion cells in the human body a broad and rich range of vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and nutritional co-factors at levels that closely match the high requirements of the ancient, Paleolithic biochemistry that resides in us all.
Meal Replacement & Green Dietary Supplement

What's in Maximum Vibrance and What do they do?

The same, all vegetable, balanced protein as found in Vibrant Health’s PureGreen Protein is employed in Maximum Vibrance. It contains amino acids in a ratio nearly identical to that found in human muscle tissue. A silky yellow pea protein, alfalfa protein, rice protein and spirulina are boosted by small additions of pure L-lysine, L-threonine, L-valine and L-methionine to create the ideal mix of amino acids. Utilization is high, helping support tissue repair, muscle integrity and cognition. All this is achieved cleanly, with no hormone or anti-biotic residue as might be found in commercial meat sources of protein, and, of course, without any cholesterol and saturated animal fats.

The protein components:

By themselves, they constitute a green health food. Yellow pea protein, 17.0 gm; Chlorella protein, 2.0 gm; Sprouted Brown Rice protein, 7.0 gm; Spirulina, 1 gm; L-lysine, 730 mg; L-theonine, 590 mg; L-valine, 510 mg; L-methionine, 370 mg

What they do:
  • Support growth
  • Support strong bones
  • Support healing
  • Support tissue repair
  • Support immunity
  • Support brain health
  • Are cholesterol free
  • Are free of hormones or antibiotics
Certified organic vitamins & minerals: Maximum Vibrance brings the supplemental dosage of important vitamins and minerals up to levels found in many tableted supplements by using new, certified organic materials derived entirely from plants. Until very recently, certified organic vitamins and minerals simply did not exist. The company that pioneered breakthrough technology to create the organic materials used in Maximum Vibrance is called Orgenetics. The company improved botanical extraction technology to allow for the high level concentration of natural forms of micronutrients, including vitamins and minerals. Vibrant Health uses several Orgenetics materials to boost the overall nutritional value of Maximum Vibrance, rendering the use of a multiple vitamin superfluous.

Orgen HIM® (Certified organic guava, lemon, mustard, Amla, holy basil, annatto extracts; Multi-vitamin) contributing:
  • Vitamin A (as beta carotene) 300 i.u.
  • Vitamin B1, 8 mg
  • Vitamin B2, 8 mg
  • Vitamin B3, 11 mg
  • Vitamin B5, 18 mg
  • Vitamin B6, 15 mg
  • Vitamin B9, 120 mcg
  • Vitamin B12, 204 mcg
  • Vitamin C, 158 mg
  • Vitamin E, 133 i.u.
  • Biotin, 30 mcg
  • Calcium, 120 mg
  • Magnesium, 30 mg
  • Zinc, 5 mg
  • Copper, 91 mcg
  • Manganese, 600 mcg
  • Potassium, 313 mg
  • Selenium, 91 mcg
Orgen C® (Certified organic Camu-camu extract) contributing: Vitamin C, 500 mg

Orgen Si® (Certified organic Bamboo extract 75%) contributing: Silica, 50 mg

Orgen Zn® (Certified organic Guava leaf extract 4 %) contributing: Zinc, 33 mg

Orgen Se® (Certified organic mustard seed extract) contributing: Selenium, 10 mg

In addition, Phytavail Chromium from hydroponically gown Indian mustard is used as a concentrated source of chromium, to support cholesterol and blood sugar management:

Indian mustard, hydroponically grown (Phytavail® Chromium) contributing: Chromium, 20 mg

Full Plant Nutrition

Maximum Vibrance, in just one section, delivers 8.795 GRAMS of nutrient dense plant foods ranging from 900 mg of chlorella to 40 mg of chicory from 34 different plant materials. The collection of these 34 plants alone delivers more forceful nutrition than any other green food in the marketplace whose recommended dose is 8 grams.

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