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Vendor: Spud Inc.
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Spud Strongman Pulling Harness

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Color: Black

The Spud Strongman Harness is the strongest, most durable harness on the market today.

The Spud Strongman Harness was designed to have the best leverage with a lower pulling angle than most harnesses while allowing for maximal airflow.

Better leverage, easier breathing, and a strongman harness that will never wear out is what you get with the Spud Strongman Harness!

Even better, our harness has a crossed brace point on the back side which will keep the arms from slipping while you are pulling.

There is nothing worse than a harness that won't stay in place while you are trying to pull a big load.

This makes the harness a great tool for all sizes of competitors.

It comes in a small size (for women, youth athletes and normal size dudes) and a large for bigger competitors.

You can pull anything with our harness from a really heavy sled to a really heavy airplane!

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