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10 PCS FACE MASK White Cloth


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Do Your Part: Help Stop the Spread!

Fabric Touching the Skin is 100% Cotton
Face Covering contains Silver & Copper!

Best Combo for Anti-Viral Protection!

10 Masks

Perfect for You or Your Employees!

Made in USA!

Stop Colds, Flu, and Viruses!

  • This face covering will help reduce the likelihood of you spreading viral infections to others.
  • This face covering does not replace the N95 used in healthcare settings and should not be used when caring for those who are infected.
  • This face covering is one way to combat the virus. Social distancing, handwashing and other CDC recommendations should also be followed.
  • Fabric touching skin: 100% cotton. Face covering contains silver and copper.
  • If skin irritation occurs, immediately stop using the face covering. If irritation persists, consult your primary care provider.
  • Be mindful when wearing this product if you have lung disease, like emphysema, or chronic heart disease. Stop using this product if you notice difficulty breathing while wearing it.
  • Machine wash warm up to 15 times before discarding. Tumble dry high. Do not use bleach, chemicals or disinfectant to wash this product.

Package Includes:

10 Pcs Reusable Cloth Face Masks


Shipped in Sealed Plastic Bag!

Same Day Shipping!

Ron & Janet Styz of Beverly Knits, Gastonia, NC. © Beverly Knits.

On behalf of NCTO member Beverly Knits, which is part of the coalition led by Hanes Brands and Parkdale producing medical masks for the government, we would like to share a press

release. Please contact Beverly Knits with any media requests.

US knitters are banding together to help fight against the latest pandemic by ramping up production in the USA to provide face masks for health care workers on the front lines.

In a statement issued by the National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) on behalf of Beverly Knits Inc., the Gastonia, NC based circular knitter, said:

“Beverly Knits Inc. is proud to be involved in the effort led by Hanes and Parkdale to help support the fight against viral infections. Working with a coalition of textile companies, we are

ramping up production in the USA to provide face masks for health care workers on the front lines.”

“With the combined efforts of many small and medium size companies, we are re-tooling our production lines to begin manufacturing immediately,” Beverly Knits said.

Beverly Knits is coordinating the production of up to 1.5 million masks produced domestically per week. Ron Sytz, CEO of Beverly Knits, said “It is an honor to be working with great

American companies, united to supply critical resources to healthcare workers and first responders”.

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