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Body Biotics SBO Probiotics 90 capsules




BODY BIOTICS™ Bio-Identical

SBO Probiotics Consortia™

with Prebiotics

500 mg/90 veggie caps

  • Helps restore a healthy balance of friendly bacteria to the GI tract
  • Helps rid the body of mold, yeast, fungi, parasites, and viruses
  • Helps stimulates the production of your own army of natural un-coded antibodies to enhance immune support *
  • Works to dissolve and eliminate toxic putrefaction from the intestinal wall and allow for greater absorption of all nutrients

Always Natural—Never Freeze Dried!

For enhanced immune support and gastrointestinal health...

BODY BIOTICS™ SBO Probiotics Consortia with Prebiotics

Adults or Children (2 or older)

SBO Probiotics Consortia are beneficial strains of foreign but friendly naturally occurring soil-borne organisms or (SBOs.)

These essential friendly bacteria were once consumed by everyone, on a daily bases, through fruits and vegetable that came straight from the garden. After WW II, when pesticides, chemicals, and food processing became more widespread, the “farm to table”ingestion of raw fruits and vegetables containing these life-sustaining organisms quickly diminished, along with the health protections once provided by these friendly organisms as a natural part of our food source.

When ingested daily, these naturally occurring organisms acted as a buffer to safeguard and maintain a healthy natural intestinal flora (friendly bacteria.) SBOs “were and are” essential to our overall well being by producing benefits in the body, such as, the natural production of our own antibodies boosting the immune system, improved digestion, greater absorption of all nutrients, and most importantly; they worked to rid the body of disease causing pathogens (unfriendly organisms) and other deadly toxins.

To be highly effective, PRObiotics require PREbiotic whole-food nutrients to help PRObiotic organisms survive and thrive in the human gut. Without these critical Prebiotic nutrients, it is difficult for Probiotic organisms to reconstitute, multiply, or adhere to the intestinal wall before simply passing through the digestive tract. BODY BIOTICS™ has addressed this need for Prebiotics in there formula by using a proprietary ancientblend of Humic and Fulvic acids to culture a symbiotic blend of 8 highly effective friendly bacteria super-stains. Once cultured and dehydrated (never freeze-dried, which cases freeze-fracturing of the organisms and lessens their ability to perform,) these alive and dormant super-strains go directly to encapsulation and are never separated from their natural food source.

By maintaining the integrity of this natural process, BODY BIOTICS™ provides a hardy, alive and thriving healthy balance of friendly bacteria trained to symbiotically work as they did in nature to populate the human gut and provide a "crowding out" (known as competitive exclusion) of undesirable disease causing organisms, such as yeast, fungus, parasites, mold and many others; to promote better gut integrity and improved function, increased immune function, and improved absorption.

Starting with just 1 capsule a day, many customers will see some form of indication that the product is working in as little as 48-72 hours. Others may take several weeks, before having enough new friendly bacteria in their system to support daily bodily functions, as well as to encourage enhanced immune functions. Each person will have their own experience and the number of capsules needed to produce a result will vary. However, after 35 years in the marketplace and hundreds of thousands of consumers worldwide, we are certain that Body Biotics™ will offer many health benefits for years to come.

INGREDIENTS: L. Acidophilus, Bifobacterium Bididum, B. Lichenformis, B.Subtilis, L. Lactis, L. Casei, L. Rhamnosus, and L. Plantarum, a proprietary formula of SBOs (Soil Based Organisms) symbiotically blended in a nutrient-rich host medium of

Humic and Fulvic Acids, minerals, and micro-nutrients.

NO Refrigeration Required—No Sugars, No Dairy, No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavors, No Animal By-Products, No Fillers, No Dyes, No Wheat, No Gluten

Maintenance Dosage: When starting your daily regime of Body Biotics, it is recommended to take 1 capsule a day the first week, 20 to 30 minutes before a meal. Week two: increase dosage to 2 capsules a day and continue to up the dosage by one capsule every week until you are reach your desired goals. Most people will level off at 4-7 capsules per day for several months and then reduce down to a daily regime of 2-4 capsules per day. CHILDREN 2 and older, take ½ of adult dosage up to 2-4 capsules per day.

Therapeutic Dosage: Depending on your personal restorative health needs, it is safe to gradually increase your daily dose of Body Biotics to as many as 18 to 20 capsules per day. CHILDREN 2 and older, take ½ of adult dosage up to 4-6 capsules per day.

CAUTION: As with any dietary supplement, consult with your healthcare professional before using this product. Unless you have been taking Body Biotics for 3-6 months prior to getting pregnant, it is not recommended to use Body’s Biotics if you are pregnant or nursing, due to the natural detoxification process that occurs during early months of use.


• If you are taking an auto-immune suppressant, it is not recommended to take this product because Body Biotics™ will enhance immune function.

• Medications, such as those that regulate blood pressure, cholesterol, or insulin should be monitored for adjustments within 2 to 3 weeks of beginning Body Biotics™, due to the potential for increased absorption of anything ingested because of increased digestive functions.

• The use of psyllium seed husk with Body Biotics™ is discouraged because of its indiscriminate stripping away of both friendly and unfriendly bacteria. Use of psyllium seed husk could minimize the positive health benefits of Body Biotics™.

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