Why Buy Used Fitness Equipment Over Brand New

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

We buy used and refurbished homes, cars, clothing and countless other products so why not look into saving a little money with used fitness equipment? With proper research, you can find a piece of high-quality used fitness equipment that will meet your needs AND won’t break the bank. After all, we are ALL trying to stay in shape and save money, am I right? So in my opinion, purchasing used fitness equipment is only a win-win situation for anyone looking into a new item for their home gym. Continue reading this post to see why you should consider purchasing used fitness equipment and some of our best offers available today on FitKing.com.

Why Purchase Used vs New fitness equipment

Let’s first talk about why you should consider buying used fitness equipment instead of brand-new out of the box fitness equipment.

  1. You'll save LOADS of money. First and foremost, you can save hundreds of dollars when choosing to buy a used piece of fitness equipment instead of one that is brand spanking new. What does it matter if it is not the latest model? If it helps you get to your end fitness goal and saves money then that is all that really matters.
  2. Check out existing product reviews. One major benefit about buying any item used is that there are already existing reviews out there on the product, make and model itself. Unlike a brand new product or item that many regular folks haven't tested out yet, a used piece of equipment is bound to have many different reviews and opinions written from real folks. This will only ensure you are buying what you actually need and want versus the latest model which might not have all of the kinks worked out just yet or might not be what you are looking for in the end. So do your research and look up some reviews on the specific part or product when buying a used piece of fitness equipment because this could possibly save you time, money and headache in the long run.
  3. Brand matters. The truth is the brand really does matter when it comes to fitness equipment or any expensive electronic piece of equipment for that matter. One major benefit of purchasing your fitness equipment used is that you can finally afford the big brands you know and love instead of purchasing a new off-brand piece of equipment which might not hold up it's value and quality the same way the well-known fitness brands do. Some of the top-selling brands we carry for used equipment at FitKing.com are: Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, PreCor, Body Masters, Magnum Fitness and more.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Piece of Used Fitness Equipment

  • Price Comparison. If you are considering purchasing used fitness equipment, I am guessing this is mainly because you are trying to save money so definitely look around and compare to make sure you are getting the best deal. It’s easy to think you are getting a great deal based on the price tag alone but be sure you’re considering the price compared to other websites or stores that may sell used equipment. Don’t forget to consider the condition that your piece is in, year/make/model and other factors that come into play when choosing between different pieces of used fitness equipment.
  • Product Condition. Be sure to check in on the condition the equipment is in before purchasing it so there are no surprises once you take it out of the box. Most sellers will list the condition of the product on the website like we do but be sure to check out the photos of the piece on the site to look for any major flaws. We also offer refurbishing services on our used fitness equipment for an additional charge to make your equipment as good as new.
  • Seller Reputation. It’s easy to go online on resources like Craigslist or any other website that allows open sales or advertisements and think you are getting a great deal. The truth of the matter is that when you go through these types of sellers you never really know what you are getting so there are many risks involved in purchasing through these types of sites. It’s easy to fake making fitness equipment to look and sound top notch when reality there are a lot of flaws and issues not listed. Unfortunately, this scenario happens all too often when purchasing from these classified-type of websites so whether it is worth the risk or not is up to you. Here at FitKing.com, we are completely transparent about the condition of our used equipment online and whether the condition is good as new or shows minor wear.
  • Reviews. As stated previously, be sure to look into the reviews for the item you are considering purchasing. One of the benefits of purchasing an older model of a product is the ability to read these reviews and see for yourself what other people are saying.
  • Brand. Definitely be sure consider the brand of equipment you are looking into purchasing. Brand ultimately can help you know the quality of what you are buying to ensure you will meet your goals and that your product will uphold it's value over time. If you ever decide to resell your piece in the future, having a better name brand will only help you more in this scenario too.

Here at FitKing.com, we sell many pieces of used equipment for all types of different workouts and exercises including: chest press equipment, shoulder presses, squat machines and more. Be sure to check out all of our used equipment deals here.

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