14 Jun

Foam Rolling for Muscle Soreness and Recovery

Muscle soreness, especially after starting a new workout program, can be uncomfortable and can make it hard to go about your day normally. Working muscles that haven’t been used in a while can lead to more muscle soreness and injury if not properly taken care of. How can you ease the soreness and tightness of those muscles so you can continue your workouts in the days following? Try foam rolling out your sore muscle groups to get the blood flowing and muscles to begin repairing themselves.

11 Jun

Father's Day Gifts For The Fitness Enthusiast

Dad does a lot for the family, so get him a great gift he'll love. Give him something that will fuel his passion for fitness and sports. FitKing has compiled a list of great gifts for dad that will show him how much you appreciate him. From helping him build his home gym to the perfect gym accessories, your bound to find something he will love.

31 May

Healthy Smoothie Recipes We're Loving Right Now

Smoothies are also a great way to get in our daily protein, fruit and vegetable servings, fiber, vitamins and more, depending on the ingredients that you add. These smoothies are a great way to pack as much nutrition as you can into one drink, while still being quite tasty and refreshing. Depending on my schedule, packing a premade smoothie full of fresh and healthy ingredients even serves as a meal replacement or helps keep me satiated until it’s time for my next meal. We recommend adding protein powder to your smoothie to serve as a refreshing and restorative, post-workout smoothie.

21 May

Tips for Exercising Outdoors in the Summer Heat

Yep, it's almost the time of year we all love, summertime. Summer for most folks means spending long days outdoors with friends and family, cookouts and outdoor activities such as swimming and hiking. While many people love spending their days outdoors in the Summer, there are many precautions one should take when spending a lot of time in the sun since the intense heat can be risky to your overall health. If you are like many Americans and enjoy exercising outdoors in the heat, you need to make sure you are staying hydrated and getting key nutrients to sustain your body.

17 May

Top Fitness Apps in 2019

There are thousands of fitness apps available, no matter what it is that you’re looking for or what your goal is. We’ve collected some of the top apps for a variety of categories and goals. Set your goals, find an app or program that works for you and get moving today!

09 May

Ten Mother's Day Ideas For The Fit Mom

Mothers are very special women and deserve the best everyday, but especially on Mother's Day! Don't let this Mother's Day pass without letting mom know just how special she is to you and the family. This fit mom gift guide will give you ideas ranging and price and style to find the right gift for your mom.

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