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Ten Mother's Day Ideas For The Fit Mom

Thursday, May 9th, 2019

Fit Mom Gift Guide

Still wondering what to get mom this Mother’s Day? We can help. Mom works hard every day of the year, don’t let this special day go by without showing her how much you appreciate her. If mom is into working out, we have several ideas that will take her fitness to the next level and show her you know what she loves. We have included ideas for every style and budget, so you are bound to find the right gift for the very important mother in your life. Here are some ideas that are guaranteed to make mom happy this Mother’s Day.

  1. Activity Tracker: Tracking workouts can help you stay motivated and increase/reach a new potential you never thought possible. Get mom an activity tracker this Mother’s Day that allows her to track her workout and reach her goals.
  2. Fitness Apparel: The clothes you wear to the gym can go a long way in your confidence at the gym and your ability to complete the workouts. Don’t let mom’s workout suffer because she does not have the right gym apparel! With so many styles and patterns to choose from, you should have no problem finding something that fits her personality.
  3. Supplements: FitKing offers a wide variety of supplements from pre-workout to post workout and even carries supplements specific to women. Mom is a very busy lady and needs to get the most out of her workout during the time she has. By adding in supplements, shes can increase her energy and aid in muscle building and recovery.
  4. Blender Bottles: Of course if you're getting mom the supplements, don’t forget the blender bottle. Gifting mom with one or two more blender bottles allows her to mix up the supplements without having to immediately wash other cups. We have blender bottles in all different colors and styles.
  5. Spa Gift Card: Mom is so hard working everyday of the year and in every workout. Give her the gift of a spa day she deserves to let her mind and body recover from day to day stress and her athletic workouts. She can let all her worries disappear for the day while she gets pampered and cared for on her day off.
  6. Gym Bag: With mom always on the go, she probably finds herself having to back up all of her things for the next day, the night before. Treat mom to a new gym bag with all the space and pockets she needs to pack her clothing, shoes, headphones, and other gym day necessities.
  7. Headphones: Speaking of gym day necessities, mom may be in need of a new set of headphones. There are several different types on the market that range in price. Considering mom’s choice of typical workout may help you decide what type of headphones she needs. Running mom may want lightweight wireless earbuds, while heavy lifting mom may want over the head more structured headphones. Think about what would work best for your fit mom.
  8. Shoes: Again, with so many different styles and options, it is important to consider what mom’s favorite workout activity is. There are special shoes for cardio boot camps, running, lifting, cycling, and so much more. One thing I can promise is that mom will love rocking her new fresh kicks to her next workout.
  9. Yoga Mat: A new yoga mat could be just the gift mom needs to take to her next workout class or to do some at home recovery and meditation. By getting mom a new yoga mat, you can allow to relax and go to her happy place.
  10. Gym Equipment: If you are looking to really spoil mom and make her happy, look at purchasing gym equipment to help her build up her at home gym. By giving mom the ability to workout at home, she can save time and money she would spend going to the gym. It will also allow her to accomplish all of her other tasks in between sets and exercises.

When it really comes down to it, mom wants nothing more than to be pampered and spend time with her family. Find activities you can do with mom this weekend that speak to her fitness goals. Gift her those new running shoes and then join her for a jog or send her off to the gym with her new gym bag and cook her dinner and clean the house. Just be sure to make mom feel special this Mother’s Day and let her know how much you appreciate her. From all of us here at FitKing, shoutout to all the hard-working and fitness-loving moms, we hope you have a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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