5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Spin Bike Form

Saturday, December 22nd, 2018

Spinning is an excellent form of exercise—it's challenging, fun, and provides a great workout. But before you hop on your spin bike, it’s important to understand the basics. Nailing down the perfect technique and proper form will help you stay injury-free while ensuring you are burning calories and building muscles during your ride. Here are five posture pointers to make sure you’re safely, spinning to slim, no matter where you choose to ride.

1. Align Your Upper Body Properly

Sit up straight, ladies and gentlemen. Your spine should be elongated, not rounded or slumped (position your handlebars high enough so you don’t feel neck or back strain). Hinging forward at the hips slightly relieves pressure on the back, knees, and wrists. Keep your shoulders, arms, and hands loose and relaxed. Throughout your ride, check your alignment.

2. Keep Your Weight On The Pedals

Shift your weight into your lower body so that your knees stay over the center of the pedals. Don’t lean on the handlebars when you’re seated or standing upright. By doing this, you force yourself to activate the core which helps to stabilize the upper body and keep balance.

3. Keep Your Feel Flat

With each pedal stroke, press through with a flat foot, driving from the ball of your foot, to reduce pressure on your knees and hamstrings.

4. Ride With Both Hands

You’ve heard it so many times before, keep both hands on the steering wheel all times. The same rule applies, whether you’re driving or riding a bike. Riding with one hand, causes you to lose connection with the bike. When riding unsupported, it’s difficult to maintain your balance.

5. Hold Your Head Up

Keep your head up, with your eyes on the “road” ahead. Don’t let your neck jolt forward. If you let your neck or head fall forward as you ride, you’ll set yourself up for neck strain. Keeping your head in line with your neck and spine helps ensure a steady flow of oxygen to your brain and proper breathing.

Now that you know more about maintaining proper form on a spin bike, take a look around our exercise bike selection. Spin to slim.

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