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Insane Labz Psychotic + Free Shaker


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Insane Labz PSYCHOTIC Pre Workout Powder 35 Servings

Free Shaker with Caribiner ($9.99 value) included with purchase!!!

What Is Insane Labz Psychotic?

Psychotic by Insane Labz is the most potent stimulant pre training powder ever made. When you first try Psychotic you will think to yourself " why hasn't this pre workout been banned yet". With the addition of the trademarked ingredient Ampiberry which prolongs the stimulant life of ingredients for as much as 3 hours. Psychotic is made for the elite athlete and should not be used by beginners. One scoop of this product compares to 3-4 scoops of any of the mainstream pre training powders on the market today. Psychotic is made in a cGMP Certified facility and tested for purity and undergoes strict microbial testing to ensure your product is clean from pixie dust ingredients that are not on the label. Go PSYCHOTIC in the gym!

What are you getting from Insane Labz Psychotic ?

Besides the extreme energy derived from the "PSYCHOTIC BLEND" which has a high amount of Caffeine, Psychotic also contains creatine monohydrate and beta alaine to aid your perfromance output at the gym. In addition to that, Psychotic features focus enhancers to give you that tunnel vision focus for your gym hit. Psychotice Pre Workout doesn't need crazy stimulants to be great. This potent forumla is not for the faint of heart; first test your tolerance then test your sanity and go PSYCHOTIC in the gym!

How Much Caffeine is in Psychotic Gold?

There is approximately 300 mg of caffeine in Psychotic Pre Workout.

How Do I Take Insane Labz Psychotic Pre Workout?

Dosage: Psychotic is not your normal pre-workout. Begin with ½ scoop to assess tolerance.

What's In Psychotic Pre Workout By Insane Labz?

Psychotic Pre Workout Supplement Facts

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