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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals ARIMISTANE


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Hi-Tech ARIMISTANE Estrogen Blocker Testosterone Booster, 60 Tablets

Arimistane is the most potent anti-estrogen available. It is unique in comparison to the vast majority of anti-estrogens that were popular previously, as it is known as a “Suicide Aromatase Inhibitor”. This means that it exerts its anti-estrogenic capabilities on the Aromatase Receptor Site in a permanent fashion, which causes an immediate decrease in estrogen, coupled with an extremely long effect of reducing estrogen. This means you can experience the benefits of this compound for many months after your cycle is over!

Arimistane features the lowest Ki value of any anti estrogen available. This means that it binds to the Estrogen receptor more effectively than anything else on the market, enabling it to lower estrogen, and thereby increasing testosterone to the biggest possible degree.

  • Aromatase enzyme increases Estrogen
  • Arimistane decreases Estrogen
  • High Estrogen in men will lower LH (luteinizing hormone) which in turn lowers Testosterone
Arimistane = increased LH and increased Testosterone

What Can Arimistane Do For Me?
  • Quickly Decreases Estrogen
  • Fast Testosterone Enhancement
  • Leaner & Dryer Physique
  • Increased Vascularity & Vasodilation
What's In Arimistane By Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals?
Arimistane Supplement Facts

Arimistane Dosage: Recommended dosing: Take 1 tablet of Arimistane in the morning, and 1 tablet before bed.
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