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Purus Labs D-POL, 90 Tablets

  • All Natural
  • Dual-Phasic Free Test/Nitric Oxide Elevator
  • Natural Hormone Amplifier
D-Pol™ increases natural testosterone synthesis and TRUE nitric oxide production via a novel pathway, rendering Arginine obsolete. Combined, these effects elicit unbridled muscle growth, enhanced recovery, oxygen sparing effects (cellular efficiency), increased exercise duration, and enhanced nutrient absorption.

As males age, natural, free testosterone drops. D-Pol ® is known to support increased testosterone production and utilization by providing an increase in the primary hormones that are important for male health and virility via a special blend of vitamins and nitrates.
Usage: Take 3 tablets or 1 scoop daily with your first meal.

*NO3-T® is a registered trademark of Thermolife International, LLC.
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