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Yerba Prima Women's Renew Cleansing System

Yerba Prima Women's Renew Cleansing System cleanses, protects, and rebuilds your system by removing toxins. Over 20 years ago, Yerba Prima developed the original Internal Cleansing Program. Yerba Prima Women's Renew Cleansing System is an advanced formulation designed specifically to help men achieve maximum health and vitality. Yerba Prima Women's Renew Cleansing System contains Prima Cleanse capsules, Women's Renew capsules and Herbal Guard capsules. These special formulas of herbs and fiber work together for maximum benefits. Yerba Prima Women's Renew Cleansing System is the most complete system available for cleansing, protecting and rebuilding the total body.

We all want to achieve optimum, vibrant health. To do this, we need good digestion and assimilation of nutrients, the ability to neutralize toxins within the body, proper elimination of waste and toxins, and maintenance of proper hormonal balance. Yerba Prima Women's Renew Cleansing System is designed to meet all these key requirements, through its ability to cleanse, protect and rebuild.

Benefits: We are all exposed to numerous toxins and chemicals at work, at home, even in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. We often don't have time to eat right or take care of ourselves in the midst of our responsibilities. Toxic build-up and stressful modern life contribute to fatigue, constipation, digestive discomforts, a feeling of low energy and emotional imbalance. These feelings are more than just an inconvenience; they can lead to long-term health problems.

Cleanses: Women's Renew provides nutritional support for the normal cleansing function of the following organs and systems: colon and entire intestinal tract, liver, gall bladder, kidneys and urinary system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, skin and circulatory system. More specifically, Women's Renew:

  • Promotes elimination of toxins and waste from the colon
  • Promotes regularity
  • Supports all body elimination systems
  • Supports liver function (the body's primary detoxifying organ)
  • Helps promote a normal, healthy intestinal environment that is unfriendly to parasites and other unwanted organisms

Protects: Women's Renew ingredients help to protect vital organs throughout the cleansing process. Women's Renew:

  • Protects colon health
  • Protects liver during cleansing process
  • Helps maintain a large population of friendly bacteria
  • Provides anti-oxidant protection against free radicals
  • Helps reduce cleansing reactions

Rebuilds: Women's Renew supports rebuilding of healthy digestive function and better assimilation of nutrients for better overall health and vitality, with special ingredients just for women's health.

  • Builds energy and vitality
  • Improves digestive function
  • Builds and tones eliminative function
  • Increases friendly intestinal flora
  • Strengthens health of colon lining
  • Contains Chastetree Berry extract for gentle support of proper hormonal balance
  • Contains Dong quai root extract for healthy blood and vitality
  • Contains six B-Vitamins for energy and vitality


Is this product safe to take every day?
Most Yerba Prima products are safe to take every day. Fiber formulas that can be taken every day as long as desired (even for many years) include the Psyllium Husks products, Daily Fiber products, Colon Care Products and Soluble Fiber products. Fiber Plus powder and capsules contain the moderate stimulant laxative herb senna. They should be used occasionally as needed. They can be taken daily up to two months, but a person should try to gradually switch over from Fiber Plus to one of the bulking fiber formulas listed above.

Most of the herbal products are safe to take every day, including Ginkgo Extra Strength, Nutrimental, Bilberry Extra Strength, Bilberry tablets, St. John's Wort Extra Strength, St. John's Wort tablets, Echinace Extra Strength Liquid and Capsules, Milk Thistle Extra Strength, Liv-Cleanse Formula and Odor Cleanse capsules. Aloe Falls aloe vera juice drinks can be taken every day. Their Internal Cleansing formulas can be used daily in small amounts, though they are normally used and are most effective when taken for several months at a time. This includes Kalenite Cleansing Herbs tablets, Women's Renew, Men's Rebuild and Herbal Guard.

IBS/Diverticulitis/Diverticulosis -- I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS), diverticulitis or diverticulosis. Is it safe to take fiber formulas? Can fiber formulas help to maintain colon health?
If someone has active IBS or diverticulitis with current inflammation, do not use a fiber formula until the inflammation goes away. Consult with your doctor.

If there is not active inflammation, a fiber formula can be helpful for maintaining the health of the colon. People vary widely in their responses to fiber, but it most often has a normalizing effect. If there are loose stools, fiber will add bulk and bring them toward normal. If stools are hard and infrequent, fiber will add moisture and bulk and bring them toward normal. Fiber will generally be most helpful when used on a daily basis to help maintain proper intestinal health. Consult with a doctor or other health professional if there are any concerns with taking fiber.

Suggested products: Colon Care is very good. It has our complete fiber formula, plus FOS to support beneficial bacteria, plus calcium, magnesium and selenium to help protect the colon.

Some people may be gluten sensitive and have trouble with the oats and barley in CCF. They should try one of our pure Psyllium Husks products. Most people will be able to tolerate the psyllium husks well. It is best to begin with half a serving for the first few days to make sure the product is comfortable for the person. Then increase to a full serving. Many people will want to take two to three servings per day if the fiber is helping. As always, make sure to drink plenty of fluids with the fiber.

IBS/Diverticulitis/Diverticulosis & Internal Cleansing -- Is it safe to take internal cleansing formulas?
In general, it is best not to do internal cleansing formulas if there is any inflammation or intestinal discomfort unless one is working with a health professional. See the previous question for a discussion of the possible benefits of fiber for normalizing the bowel.

Women's Renew or Men's Rebuild Internal Cleansing System -- How long will a box of Women's Renew or Men's Rebuild last?
If you are using Women's Renew or Men's Rebuild programs long term, a box will last 30 days at the Level 1 recommended usage or 15 days at the Level 2 recommended usage. For most people, Level 1 will be excellent for long term support of the cleansing, protecting and rebuilding functions of the body.

Weight Loss & Internal Cleansing -- I would like to lose weight. Will the Women's Renew or Men's Rebuild Internal Cleansing System help?
People often lose weight during the cleansing program by eating mostly fruits and vegetables, and reducing the amounts of sweets, fatty foods and refined foods that they eat. The fiber may help reduce appetite, and seeing what comes out during the cleansing process can help motivate the change to a better diet. A whole foods diet with lots of fruits and vegetables also has the side benefit of increasing the cleansing activity of the herbs and fiber ingredients that make up the Internal Cleansing System.

Do you recommend a specific diet with the Women's Renew or Men's Rebuild Internal Cleansing Program?
They do not recommend a specific diet with our Internal Cleansing System. Everyone's body is different and people have different nutritional needs for maintaining good health. People will receive benefits using the program with any type of diet. However, a modified diet that is high in fruits and vegetables, and their juices, will increase the body's cleansing activity. This is an option if you want to moderately speed up the cleansing process and increase the deep cleansing activity of the program. However, pay attention to your body since this can make the cleansing process too strong for some people.

Fasting & Internal Cleansing -- Can I fast while I do the Women's Renew or Men's Rebuild Internal Cleansing Program?
You can fast while doing the cleansing program. Fasting will significantly increase the cleansing activity of the program, and so will be more likely to cause cleansing reactions. It is likely to speed up the cleansing process and increase the deep cleansing activity for people want either of these effects. We suggest that anyone who wants to fast for more than one day while doing a cleansing program consult with a health professional.

Breastfeeding and Internal Cleansing -- Can I do the cleansing program while breast feeding?
During breast feeding, it would be better to use one of our fiber formulas, such as Daily Fiber or Colon Care, rather than a cleansing program. A cleansing program, in the process of doing its job in the body, releases stored toxins so that they can be eliminated. It is preferable to begin the Women's Renew cleansing after weaning or at least when your baby is eating solid foods and breast milk is a small part of the diet.

Vegetable Capsules -- Do you have any products in capsules suitable for vegetarians?
At this time, we have one product in vegetable source capsules: Psyllium Husks Veg Caps. These capsules are made from cellulose. The capsules in our other products are made from Kosher purified gelatin USP grade. We hope to have more products in vegetable source capsules in the future.

Fiber & Nutrient Absorption -- What effect do psyllium husks and other dietary fibers have on nutrient absorption?
Our fiber formulas and psyllium husk products do not impair nutrient absorption when used at recommended amounts on a short term or long term basis.

What is the source of FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) in Colon Care.
FOS used by Yerba Prima is a natural plant extract from chicory root. It has been extensively researched and shown to be helpful in maintaining and restoring proper levels of friendly bacteria in the colon.

How Long Before I Notice Results From Taking This Product?
Women's Renew or Men's Rebuild Internal Cleansing System -- Some people notice significant results in the first few days of use. Some people notice cleansing activity and more bowel movements after 2 to 3 weeks of use. For some people, the results are subtle, because the programs are very safe and do not have strong cleansing herbs in them. However, the herbs and fiber and still doing their job to cleanse and tone all of the elimination systems of the body.

  • Fiber Formulas such as Psyllium Husks, Daily Fiber, Colon Care and Soluble Fiber -- Most people begin to notice larger, easier to evacuate bowel movements within 2 to 3 days. It may take a few days longer for some people, depending on the amounts being used.
  • Fiber Plus and Fiber Plus Caps - These products generally provide overnight relief. Most people will begin to notice more regular bowel movements in 1 to 2 days.
  • Odor Cleanse -- For breath odor, shortly after taking one capsule with or following a meal. For body odor, within 2 - 4 weeks of taking 2 - 6 capsules per day. For fecal odor, within 2 - 4 weeks of taking 4 - 6 capsules per day.
  • Ginkgo Extra Strength -- normally 3 to 6 weeks to start noticing benefits.
  • Bilberry Extra Strength -- normally 3 to 4 weeks to start noticing benefits.
  • Milk Thistle Extra Strength -- normally 1 to 4 weeks to start noticing benefits.
  • St. John's Wort Extra Strength -- some people notice results the first few days of use, but normally 2 to 4 weeks to start noticing benefits.

This Product Smells Or Looks Different Than Usual. Is It Okay?
There is a normal variation in all natural products, especially the plant derived products such as dietary fiber formulas and herbs. Some variation in odor, color and taste is to be expected, and does not lessen the benefits of the product. Yerba Prima occasionally get calls or letters about one of the fiber formulas having an off-odor. The off-odor is usually very slight, but occasionally can be quite noticeable. This off-odor does not affect the safety or quality of the product. If a customer is unhappy with the product and does not feel that they can use it, feel free to contact Yerba Prima customer service. If a product seems bad or is significantly different than normal, by all means call Yerba Prima customer service to discuss the product with them.

Why Is Bioperine In The Extra Strength Herbs?
Bioperine is a patented black pepper extract that increases the assimilation of nutrients and herbs by 30% - 60%. This gives extra value and benefits to the customer.

Can I take this product during pregnancy?
As a general rule, it is best to consult with a health professional about the use of supplements during pregnancy. Our fiber products are generally fine to use during pregnancy. This would include the formulas of Psyllium Husks, Daily Fiber, Colon Care and Soluble Fiber. Fiber Plus contains senna, a moderate stimulant laxative herb, and is best used short term only after consultation with a health professional. Cleansing programs should not be done during pregnancy, whether it is a fasting program or an herbs and fiber program such as Women's Renew Internal Cleansing System or Kalenite Cleansing Herbs.

Low Carbohydrate Diets -- How many grams of carbohydrates are in different products?
Many people who are on high protein, low carbohydrate diets ask about the carbohydrate content of Yerba Prima products, especially the fiber formulas. There is a tendency towards constipation with a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. Yerba Prima fiber formulas will be very helpful.

The product labels of all Yerba Prima fiber formulas list both total carbohydrate content and digestible carbohydrate content per serving of the products. In most cases, it is less than 1/2 gram of digestible carbohydrate per serving. Nutrition labels are required to include the dietary fiber amount in the total carbohydrate listing on the Supplement Facts panel. However, dietary fiber is not digested in the small intestine and does not count as part of the digestible carbohydrate.

Clinical Study of Yerba Prima Internal Cleansing Prgram In Human Subjects
Performed by: Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., Laboratory Director Susan Cain, Laboratory Supervisor

Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine

Laboratory of Nutritional Analysis
February 12, 1986

Purpose of Study
Public awareness of the need for intestinal cleansing is growing daily. The ever-increasing stress and toxicity we are exposed to in our environments, diets and lifestyles make internal cleansing a necessary part of a good health regimen. Despite the widespread interest in cleansing, there have not been valid scientific studies to demonstrate how cleansing can help our bodies. As the leader in the field of internal cleansing, Yerba Prima sponsored a study to validate objectively the beneficial results reported by users of their program and to contribute to the scientific literature in the area of intestinal health.

Test Methodology
Three standard tests were used to study the impact of the Yerba Prima program on gastro-intestinal physiology. Tests were done before subjects began the program, in the middle of the program, and one week after subjects concluded the eleven week program.

Subjects chosen were all in good health and had normal diets and bowel habits. They were not health food shoppers or users of herbal products, nor were they interested in cleansing before beginning the study. Subjects were asked to be moderate in red meat and dairy food consumption during the study but otherwise not to make major changes in their diets. Questionnaires confirmed that subjects did not make any dietary changes that would affect study results.

Stool samples were taken for fecal bacterial counts to determine relative levels of pathogenic bacteria in the colon. Assays for Clostridium parafruiticum and Clostridium perfringens were used as markers. A standard riboflavin load procedure was used to determine absorption of riboflavin, which is indicative of water soluble vitamin absorption in the small intestine. Urine samples were taken to determine urinary indican values. Urinary indican is a measurement of the amount of putrefaction of dietary protein occurring in the intestinal tract. Those patients with high levels of urinary indican are those who are undergoing protein maldigestion/malabsorption phenomena.

Summary of Results
A consistent pattern emerged showing objective benefits obtained by the subjects in this study. The study documented the following changes after completion of the cleansing program:

  1. A reduction in pathogenic bacteria in the colon in subjects with elevated pathogenic bacteria counts
  2. A significant increase in water soluble vitamin absorption, and
  3. A significant decrease in the putrefaction of undigested protein, indicating better protein absorption by the digestive tract.

In addition to these objective measurements, subjects reported an improved feeling of well being, lower frequency of headaches and high energy levels. Several subjects who had been reticent to begin the cleansing program expressed a desire to use the program several times a year because they felt so much better.

The test results show that the Yerba Prima Internal Cleansing Program is actively working to cleanse both the small intestine and the colon. Even better results from the Yerba Prima Program may possibly be expected for people with chronic constipation, poor digestion, prolonged transit times or low fiber diets, as compared with the healthy subjects in this study.

Suggested Use

Suggested Adult Use and Directions:The Women's Renew Internal Cleansing System consists of three products: Women's Renew, Herbal Guard and Prima Cleanse. Women's Renew is an easy program to follow, whether you are cleansing for the first time, or are an experienced user. It provides a gentle, thorough, total body cleansing, plus protecting and rebuilding of the elimination systems.

  • Day 1: In the evening, take 3 Prima Cleanse capsules with food and at least 8 ounces (a full glass) of liquid.
  • Day 2: Take 3 Prima Cleanse capsules, 1 Women's Renew capsule and 1 Herbal Guard capsule with food twice a day, morning and evening. . Take each serving with at least 8 ounces (a full glass) of liquid. Drinking additional liquid is helpful.
  • Day 3: Take 3 Prima Cleanse capsules, 1 Women's Renew capsule and 1 Herbal Guard capsule with food twice a day, morning and evening. . Take each serving with at least 8 ounces (a full glass) of liquid. Drinking additional liquid is helpful.

Everyone should start with 3 Prima Cleanse capsules per serving. After Day 3, follow the Gentler Cleanse or the Stronger Cleanse. Continue to adjust the number of Prima Cleanse capsules to your body's cleansing needs, since Prima Cleanse provides the most stimulating part of the program's cleansing action. Most people will notice an increase in the frequency and/or volume of bowel movements. If the cleansing action is too strong, reduce the number of Prima Cleanse capsules until the desired cleansing action is reached. If the cleansing action is not strong enough, first increase your fluid intake, then increase the number of Prima Cleanse capsules until the desired cleansing action is reached. Take the number of Prima Cleanse capsules that will help produce one or more regular, easy, non-urgent bowel movements per day.

  • Day 4 Gentler Cleanse: Take 3 Prima Cleanse capsules, 1 Women's Renew capsule and 1 Herbal Guard capsule with food twice a day, morning and evening. Take each serving with at least 8 ounces (a full glass) of liquid. Drinking additional liquid is helpful.
  • Day 4 Stronger Cleanse: Take 5 Prima Cleanse capsules, 2 Women's Renew capsules and 2 Herbal Guard capsules with food twice a day, morning and evening. Take each serving with at least 8 ounces (a full glass) of liquid. Drinking additional liquid is helpful.
  • Day 5 and after: Continue with the Gentler Cleanse or the Stronger Cleanse. Continue for at least 2 weeks, and up to 2 months.
  • Ending the Program: Continue with Prima Cleanse morning and evening until it is used up, gradually reducing the number of capsules per day. After finishing the Internal Cleansing System, daily use of a Yerba Prima fiber formula such as Colon Care or Daily Fiber helps maintain a clean colon and healthy body.
Amount Per Serving%DV
Zinc.75 mg5%
Niacin1.0 mg5%
Pantothenic Acid0.5 mg5%
Vitamin B-60.1 mg5%
Folic Acid20 mcg5%
Biotin15 mcg5%
Vitamin B-120.3 mcg5%
*Daily Value Not Established.
†Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Ingredients: Yellow dock root extract 4:1, dandelion leaf & root extract 4:1, red clover tops extract 4:1, chastetree berry extract 4:1, ginger root, blessed thistle herb, dong quai root extract 1% ligustilide, milk thistle seed extract 80% silymarin, plantain leaf, corn silk extract 4:1, zinc chelate, niacinamide (niacin), calcium pantothenate (pantothenic acid), pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B-6), folic acid, biotin, cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B-12), cellulose, maltodextrin, USP Kosher gelatin capsule.

Herbal Guard Caps Ingredients: Triphala extract 4:1 (contains emblic, belleric myrobalan, tropical almond), elecampane root, ginger root, schisandra berry extract 9% schisandrins, cloves, dandelion leaf & root extract 4:1, cat's claw, black walnut hull extract 4:1, goldenseal root extract 5% alkaloids, cellulose, maltodextrin, USP Kosher gelatin capsule.

Prima Cleanse Caps Ingredients: Psyllium seed husks, aloe vera gel (from concentrate), Great Plains Bentonite, ginger root, senna extract 10% sennosides, calcium carbonate, FOS probiotic growth complex (fructo-oligosaccharides), magnesium oxide, soy fiber, oat bran, apple pectin extract, acacia gum, USP Kosher gelatin capsule.

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