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Rehband 7080 Pro Wrist Support


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Rehband 7080 Wrist Support, 5mm Blue Line


Sold Individually. Support fits either arm.
5mm Neoprene
Adjustable strap is removable for flexible use
Color: Blue
Size Options: S-XL

Enable Your Full Potential Elite Quality Pro Wrist Support From Rehband

Get an edge on the competition. Discover why world-class athletes and weekend warriors alike choose Rehband. These pro wrist support sleeves are made using a high performance 5mm neoprene material for elastic strength and engineered to offer an optimal combination of comfort, fit, and support for the wrist joint. The smart pattern construction of this wrist compression sleeve from Rehband is evidenced by the robust removable strap which offers adjustable wrist stability and the advanced stitching technology which offers enhanced durability.

Optimal Compression Support, Based On Smart Pattern Construction

Rehband Blue Line wrist support offers singular design and expertise that you won’t find anywhere else. This premium quality compression wrist sleeve has been created by our dedicated R&D team to support the needs of heavy lifters. The adjustable support and even compression offered by this must-have item of workout gear helps to stabilize and strengthen the wrist joint, boost blood flow, and promote heat retention. These benefits combine to counter the repetitive vibrations that contribute to muscle fatigue, improve muscle memory and control, and reduce energy waste, without restricting your range of motion or obstructing your grip. Plus, the warmth offered by this wrist compression sleeve works to keep the wrist warm and supple during demanding crossfit or weightlifting sessions, so helping you maintain peak function and protecting your joints and soft tissues from overuse and injury.

Since 1955, Rehband has dedicated itself to delivering only premium quality workout gear. This commitment to uncompromising quality is evidenced in the superior fit, comfort and support offered by Rehband Blue Line wrist support. Whether you’re an elite athlete or casual weekend warrior, this weightlifting wrist support can help you maximize your advantage, and is ideal for exercises like snatches, overhead squats, muscle ups and more.

Positive Impact for a Variety of Applications and Training Protocols

Rehband Blue Line wrist support for men and women can be used by all athletes, no matter their chosen sport or skill level, to boost performance, improve endurance, and train safely. This versatile, flexible and stylish pro wrist support from Rehband helps prevent laxity in the wrist joint and is highly recommended to help counter and promote recovery from wear-and-tear wrist injuries like over-exertion, soft tissue overload, inflammation, pain, sprains (wrenching, torn or overstretched ligaments), and strains (torn or overstretched tendons).

You can wear this Rehband wrist compression sleeve as needed, in multiple contexts - from a casual weightlifting workout to an elite weekend warrior event. Rehband workout accessories are designed with the focus on enhancing your health and physical endurance rather than on any specific level of experience. From novice to pro athletes, we are all vulnerable to performance-related wrist injuries. Rehband Blue Line wrist support combines the key features of advanced compression technology with an adjustable strap, durable materials, and smart pattern construction to help you maximize your heavy lifting, recover faster, and ultimately outperform your competition.

Train For Longer, Recover Faster, and Maximize Your Advantage With Rehband!

Tap into the premium quality and reputation trusted by elite athletes worldwide.
Benefit from greater wrist joint strength and function - boost your performance.
Enjoy increased wrist joint support and stability - move with confidence.
Boost circulation, and combat wrist joint wear and tear - recover faster.
Wherever you push your limits, and wherever you strive for greatness, Rehband will be there supporting you to enable your full potential, today and tomorrow.

Enjoy uncompromising fit, comfort, and support with Rehband Blue Line wrist support for women and men.
Creating quality handcrafted athletic gear since 1955.
With Rehband, you never have to be in doubt. Our wrist compression sleeve is backed by extensive research and advanced compression technology.

Enable your full potential and get an edge on your competition.
Rehband knows you don’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to your well-being.
Rehband shares your high standards and expectations for quality, comfort and performance.
Choose Rehband sports compression gear today - and take your training to a whole new level.

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