AmiLean Advanced Cellulite Firming Lotion 8oz

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AmiLean Advanced Cellulite Firming Lotion is designed to help give your skin a smoother, firmer and tighter appearance. The light non-greasy texture of the lotion is easy to apply and absorbs quickly. You will see and feel the firming and tightening effects of AmiLean within a few days. This lotion is the answer for putting the finishing touches on the body that you work so hard for. AmiLean has active ingredients clinically proven be effective. Here is an opportunity to turn your body into a work of art.

Are you skinny-fat? Are you happy about your body for the most part, but can't seem to lose those last 10 pounds of stubborn unsightly fat in certain areas, like your butt, hips, stomach, thighs & the back of your arms? You're not alone! Almost everyone has problem areas they would love to target. You will see and feel the firming and tightening effects of AmiLean within a few days.

Cellulite Cream Firming Lotion by Amilean is the most Advanced on the Market! Directly Attack Unwanted Fat & Cellulite! When applied directly to problem fat and cellulite areas AMILEAN instantly goes to work by releasing, mobilizing and forcing stored fat and water out of your fat cells to help define and reshape your body fast! Apply AMILEAN to body parts you want to tighten, tone and define like abs, hips, thighs, butt and under arms.


For topical use only. Avoid contact with eyes or open wounds. Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 or women who are nursing or pregnant. If extreme redness or rash develops with use, discontinue use immediately.

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