Vibrant Health Vibrance Orange Pineapple

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Vibrant Health VIBRANCE, 30 Servings

Delicious Orange Pineapple Flavor!

Vibrance Essential Daily Green Food Energizing Orange Pineapple - 255.21 Grams (9 oz)

Vibrant Health Vibrance Essential Daily Green Food Energizing Orange Pineapple is the entry-level green food for the family of Vibrant Health products. Vibrance combines concentrated plant foods, botanical extracts, and two probiotics in order to improve the micro-nutrition of the consumer. Micro-nutrients include vitamins, minerals, saponins, alkaloids, polyphenols, soluble and insoluble fibers, organic acids and other substances that are supposed to come to us through diet.

Vibrance Essential Daily Green Food Energizing Orange Pineapple Benefits:

  • 2.5 Billion Probiotics + Fiber Supporting Digestion
  • 6 g Organic Greens Balancing pH + Providing Energy
  • 9 Fruits + Vegetables Improving Nutrition
  • 10 Antioxidants, Key Vitamins + Minerals Enhancing Immunity
  • 30 Day Supply

The Concepts:

  1. There are a large body of consumers who would like to try a super green food supplement but are discouraged from doing so by stories they have heard regarding the unsightliness and poor palatability of existing green foods in the marketplace.
  2. The modern diet fails to supply enough micronutrients to support optimal health.
  3. The ancient biochemistry inside us, which hasn’t changed in 40,000 years, expects to be fed high nutrient density with each calorie of food ingested.
  4. The body can heal itself if given proper nutritional support.

What can Vibrance do?
A body can lack energy and become more susceptible to disease without proper nutrition. Vibrance fills in nutritional gaps left by our modern food supply, and feeds a person’s ancient biochemistry much of what it needs to run body systems more efficiently. When body systems are empowered, waste is more efficiently removed, biochemistry balances (returns to homeostasis), and the body can heal.

What's in it?
Paleolithic biochemistry (your biochemistry!) is ravenous for micronutrients. Dried, powdered plants – especially green ones – are a superb source of them. Vibrance provides micronutrients from brilliantly green certified organic sources.

The fiber components of Vibrance provide soluble, insoluble and fermentable fibers. Soluble fibers from flax and oats aid detoxification by gathering and removing toxic heavy metals. Insoluble fibers in carrot and flax help food and waste move through the intestinal tract. Fermentable fructo-oligosaccharide fibers serve as food for healthful probiotic bacteria.

Food is nice, yet you cannot live without oxygen. But oxygen kills you imperceptibly over decades. Vibrance contains an adequate range of antioxidants that help preserve your life.

Today, stress can appear more frequently (e.g. the daily commute), and may be perpetual in the guise of financial problems, chronic disease, business pressures or legal problems. Schizandra and Eleutherococcus extracts help protect us from the flood of fight or flight hormones released in stressful situations.

1.5 billion “colony forming units” (CFU) of Lactobacillus acidophilus and 1.0 billion CFU of Bifidobacterium bifidum per serving help support the one system, digestion, that must function well above all others if health is to be maintained or restored. Probiotics help assure a healthy G.I. tract.

Enzyme Complex
Even though some natural enzymes survive the drying and powdering processes used in making Vibrance, they will not function as a digestive aid. Vibrance’s supplemental enzymes improve nutrient absorption from its own ingredients and from any food that might be consumed at or near the same time.

Good Taste
Cereal grasses, broccoli sprouts and botanical extracts, are not famously delectable foods, as your friends may have told you. But your friends never met either flavor of Vibrance. They have made it easy to try Vibrance by offering two flavors: Orange Pineapple and Citrus Cucumber. Both wonderful flavors are sweetened with Lo Han Guo, (monk fruit extract) a calorie free sweetener with no glycemic effect.

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