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MAP Master Amino Acid Pattern 120 Tablets



MAP Master Amino Acid Pattern, 120 Tablets

Simply the World's Best Protein Supplement!

1000 mg per tablet!

This is our # 1 selling supplement!

Simply the ultimate anabolic muscle growth formula!

What is MAP - Master Amino Acid Pattern? The name for MAP was created by Dr. Luca Moretti, which is a non-caloric perfect vegetarian protein source. . . superior to every other protein on the market. . . by far!

MAP incorporates the 8 essential amino acids which are anabolic, meaning they build up protein without producing calories or nitrogenous toxic byproducts. Protein is broken down into the "building blocks" of over twenty amino acids which are used to create your muscles, heart, brain, blood and other tissues.

Do you want to gain muscle mass, lose fat, and get the incredible physique for which you have been working so hard? Many athletes know protein is the most important nutrient for building lean muscle, but many report that none of the products they have tried really make a noticeable difference. Now you can get what athletes in Eastern Europe have known about for decades. It is perhaps the “ultimate protein”; we call it the Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP)

It is important to know that our bodies can only metabolize about two ounces of complete quality protein per day. The remainder becomes a burden on our bodies and contributes to ammonia acid toxicity, which actually makes our bodies weaker! The Master Amino Acid Pattern was built to accomplish 99%+ net nitrogen utilization, meaning that it is as potent as any protein ever created and there is no burden on your kidneys or liver like other proteins! There are over 30 clinical studies published on its uses and they can be found in the Physician's Desk Reference (under 'Master Amino Acid Complex').

Feel your strength, endurance, and muscles grow as you experience total protein assimilation without burdening your body with unused amino acids. When used with moderate to extreme exercise and a sensible diet you will increase muscle, burn fat, and look better than ever before. If you want to master your body get the Master Amino Acid Pattern!
  • Because it is pre-digested, it is available to the body within 23 minutes of ingestion. Synthesis of new cells will take 2 hours- take no other protein during this time! MAP travels to the small intestine where it is absorbed by the body's lymph system; there is no fecal residue and does not cause fluid retention.
  • Contains no fat, sodium, sugar, yeast, gluten, soy, corn, wheat, milk products or preservatives.
  • Perfect for vegetarians and vegans who need quality protein in their diet.
  • Provides the minimum recovery time from muscle activity; it lowers lactic acid by 35%.
  • MAP is the only protein source you need (for example, creatine is an unnatural protein substance that increases muscle contraction, which produces a high rate of injury because it makes the brain fail to protect the body from doing the work it cannot do.) No junk supplements are needed for body work when using MAP.
  • The more tablets you take (up to 10), the more physical activity is required during your training sessions.

INSTRUCTIONS: Take 5 tablets daily. As an exercise aid take 5 or more tablets 30 minutes prior to exercise. Take 5 or more tablets immediately after strength training exercises.

For best results- take 2 hours BEFORE or at least 3 hours AFTER taking other protein/amino acids sources (meat, eggs, dairy, jello, beans, bananas, lentils, nuts, grains, breads, cereals, oatmeal, soy products, etc.) May take with vegetables and fruit (except for bananas)- or without food in the morning upon rising or before going to bed.
For Serious Bodybuilders Only . . . Want to take your physique to the next level? Here is the absolute best protocol for putting on size and strength . . . Take 5 or more (depending on body size) 30 minutes prior to weight training! Take the same amount immediately after excercise to prevent the catabolic effect.
SUPPLEMENT FACTS: Serving Size: 5 tablets, 5 grams, 1000 mg per tablet
Amount Per Serving: MAP™ Patented proprietary blend 5000 mg:
L- Leucine, L- Valine, L- Isoleucine, L- Phenylalanine, L- Threonine, L- Methionine, L- Tryptophan, L- Lysine


  • 99% NNU or Net Nitrogen Utilization, so there is no burden on your kidneys or liver like other proteins . . . even used for dialysis patients!
  • Predigested and absorbed in 23 minutes.
  • Produces less than 1% metabolites.
  • Made from non-soy vegetable proteins.
  • Over 30 clinical studies published on its uses.
  • Made from a patented formula.
  • Safe and effective.
  • May be helpful for ADHD.
  • May be helpful for weight loss.
  • Helps build muscle mass and strength.
  • This same item is sold by physicians under the SON label for dialysis and kidney-impaired patients.

You are what you ABSORB . . . NOT what you eat!

Average protein synthesis (NNU) is only 16% from other protein supplements.

The average protein synthesis (NNU) is only 32% from food source protein.

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