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FerroVia Ranger Panties (Squat Shorts) - Green


Vendor: Ferrovia Athletic Apparel
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Ranger Panties with FerroVia Logo

The Ranger Panty is a favorite of US military personal.

Often referred to as silkies, FerroVia Ranger Panties are made of soft, loose fitting tricot that will not snag or run. The Ranger Panty features an internal liner, improved pocket for keys or ID, and will be the only thing you'll want to wear.

Features & details
  • 100% Nylon Tricot
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • Brief liner
  • Inside Key pocket
  • Covered elastic waistband
  • Moisture management technology
  • 2 1/2" inseam

About FerroVia

What does FerroVia Mean?
“FerroVia” is a combination of the two Latin words “Ferro” meaning Iron and “Via” meaning “The Way”. FerroVia -The Iron Way.

Company History
Founder Tom Williams served 3 tours in Afghanistan with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. During this time, Tom and others first began to work with apparel when they decided to replace the rough Army issue shirts with a comfortable and badass shirt of their own design. The custom shirts were extremely popular with the other soldiers and signaled the humble beginnings of FerroVia.

After retiring from active duty, Tom suffered from PTSD which cost him both personal relationships and the stability and fulfillment he sought in life. Through friendship with two retired Army Rangers, Tom found a home at Crossfit Inception where the hardcore workouts and close knit community provided an outlet for ihim to face his personal obstacles in a healthy and productive way. Tom's love for the fitness community, continued devotion to fellow soldiers, and passion for creating quality clothing led to the birth of FerroVia Apparel.

Company Mission
The mission of FerroVia is to provide top quality sports apparel that inspires combat veterans and others to overcome their struggles and live a healthy lifestyle. The Iron Way is all about leading a fit and balanced life while strengthening your personal relationships and building a better community.

Why the 22 logo?
In 2013, the VA released a study that covered veteran suicides from 1999 to 2010. The study revealed that roughly 22 veterans were dying by suicide per day. FerroVia seeks to raise awareness about combat veterans unique challenges with mental health by incorporating this number into each clothing design.

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