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Cloma Pharma Hellion


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Hellion Pre Workout By Cloma Pharma - 30 Servings

This item is the new replacement for Methyldrene EPH!

What Is Hellion?

HELLION is a HI-STIM PRE-WORKOUT POWDER that delivers unto you a truly ­ery, Hellish fury of anabolic energy and muscle pumps not of this earth!* Once you open the gates of Hellion, unrelenting high-stim metabolic blast and laser focus effects await, with an attack you’ll feel to your core! Molecular catalysts take over and next, the exhilarating super pumps* and vasodilation get you fully and irretrievably stoked.

How Do I Take Hellion Pre Workout?

Dosage: FOR WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Mix 1 serving of Hellion Pre Workout with 6-8 oz of cold water early in the morning each day. AS A PREWORKOUT: Mix 1 serving 20 minutes before training. FOR ENERGY: Take 1 serving when needed.

What's In Hellion Pre Workout By Cloma Pharma?

Hellion Pre Workout Supplement Facts

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