FitKing Launches New Website

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

We’ve partnered with the Charlotte Based Ecommerce Agency, E-dreamz to redesign and launch our new website! FitKing is an online health and fitness store offering hundreds of products to help you reach your fitness goals, at an affordable price. Supplements, protein powders, vitamins, exercise equipment are just among the hundreds of products that our team sells at a discounted price.

New Design Features

The redesign allows for easy navigation with our header nav, as well as our categories to help you find what you’re looking for. Our brands are organized under one section of the website so you can easily navigate to your trusted brands. Our search bar is also a simple tool to go directly to what you’re looking to purchase.

We understand that in order to make an educated purchase, you need to know the facts. That’s why we’ve implemented a chat feature to allow for round the clock customer service. If there’s something you’d like to know about our site, products, check out process, send us a message!

One major aspect that sets us apart from our competition, is how often we are getting the latest, high quality products in our store. We want you to be the first to know of new products, equipment, accessories so that you can continue to improve your health and tackle the goals you’ve set.

We offer some of the lowest prices across the fitness industry to get you the best deals possible. We’re always running deals, so check out what’s discounted this week! Plus, did we mention that we give you free shipping on all orders within the US?

Check Out

Our mission is to make FitKing your one stop shop for all your health and wellness needs. In doing so, we’ve implement a seamless check out process. Security is our highest priority in our ecommerce platform, so we’ve done our work to make sure you’re payment information is secure. You can easily create an account in seconds, or login if you’ve already a FitKing member. At any moment, you may navigate to your account or car at the top right corner.

At FitKing, we want to inspire you to be the healthiest version of yourself. Follow our blog and view our latest specials and deals and closeouts to stay updated on new products, events, and the latest trends in the fitness industry. Thanks for stopping by!

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