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Father's Day Gifts For The Fitness Enthusiast

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

Father’s Day is coming up soon and we all know dads are hard to shop for. Don’t neglect dad this Father’s Day just because you can’t think of any gifts. Show him you appreciate him with something from our list. Whether your dad prefers playing sports, going to the gym, or working out in his home gym, we have gift ideas for your dad.

  • Fitness Tracker: Get dad up to speed with the latest technology to track his calories burned, steps taken, heart rate, and more. Most of the newest models allow you to sync the items with your phone and see self improvements over time.
  • Shaker Bottle: If your dad drinks his protein or supplements, he can never have enough shaker bottles. FitKing offers shaker bottles with sports teams logos, super hero logos, and more to find one perfect for dad.
  • Gym Bag: Dad has been using the same gym bag for years. It’s time to replace that old sweaty bag with a new one with multiple pockets to help keep him organized before and after his workout.
  • Free Weights: FitKing offers a variety of free weights in various different sizes. We sell them individually, in pairs, or in sets, depending on what dad needs to complete him home gym.
  • Gym Clothes/Shoes: It is important to be comfortable and feel your best before hitting the gym. Dad can always use new workout shirts and shorts, or new fly running kicks to rock at the gym.
  • Protein: Most avid fitness enthusiasts know how important protein is for after a workout. If your dad is one of those people, he probably has a favorite protein that he takes regularly. Surprise dad with a tub of protein from our large protein selection.
  • Headphones: Nothing beats a good playlist to jam out to during a workout, but there is nothing worse than need to readjust your headphones every five seconds because the cord gets caught on something and they rip out of your ear. Do dad a favor and treat him to new bluetooth headphones, he is bound to love the cordless freedom.
  • Golf Accessories: If you dad is the athletic dad and likes to play golf, get him his favorite set of golf balls or a new golf towel.
  • Cooling Towel: Workouts can be hot and sweaty, especially when outside. Get dad a cooling towel to carry with him to help him cool off. When the towels are soaked with water, they cool to up to 30 degrees. Dad could use a cooling towel to beat the heat this summer.

Remember, parents charish nothing more than genuine family time, the gifts are just an added bonus. Join dad for his workout this Father’s Day and enjoy the quality time. From all of us here at FitKing, Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there!

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