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Bell Bladder Control Tea for Women


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Women's Bladder Control Tea #4b

120g . . . 4.2 oz

by Bell Lifestyle Products


  • Helps make sure you can enjoy a good night’s sleep and feel confident and relaxed when you go out.
  • Combines 8 bladder herbs used for centuries for urinary health - cranberry, uva ursi, parsley, marshmallow root, nettle, rosehips, willow herb and goldenrod;
  • Covers all dimensions of urinary tract health – healthy urinary tract wall, urinary frequency and healthy bladder muscles,;;
  • Is safe and effective;
  • Tastes great. It has a nice slightly sweet, citrus flavor making it an enjoyable part of your morning routine. No sugar needed.
Maintain Healthy And Normal Bladder Health With This Special Natural Tea

Freedom is a beautiful thing!

With Bladder Health Support Tea For Women, you get a masterful mix of herbs that provides support to help you maintain healthy and normal bladder health.

How To Enjoy Healthy And Normal Bladder Health So You Can Live Life

It’s not the most comfortable topic of conversation - bladder health. But as you get older, your body changes. And maintaining bladder health – like most things – becomes an important part of maintaining your freedom to enjoy life on your terms.

For generations, women have shared wisdom about what natural herbs and foods can help keep your bladder in tip-top shape. It’s nothing new – but a necessity of life.

Bladder Health Tea For Women taps into this age-old wisdom to give you healthy support for your bladder from a carefully selected group of herbs.

Herbs That Keep Your Urinary Tract Squeaky Clean

Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) and its cousin Uva Ursi (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi).

In the 1920's the rumor spread that cranberries were good for urinary health. Women crowned it queen nutrition for healthy bladders. Now research is supporting this sister-wisdom.

At least 10 clinical studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals have demonstrated that cranberry's proanthocyanidin seems to help keep the lining of your urinary tract squeaky clean.

Uva ursi or "bear's grapes" has less modern-day research behind it for urinary health. But its supply of the powerful cleanser arbutin and the high concentration of tannin in its leaves (20%) also suggests it can help keep your bladder an unfriendly place for anything other than pee. And some herbalist consider it great for maintaining healthy muscle tone in the urinary tract and helping with urinary frequency.

While many bladder support formulations use uva ursi, it shouldn't be used for long periods of time. Its component, arbutin, is a very potent chemical that your body turns into hydroquninone, another powerful cleanser. Health experts caution using it for no more than 2-3 weeks for urinary tract health. (See the caution above.)

These two herbal scrubbers for your bladder may work particularly well thanks to the next herb . . .

Parsley (Petroselinum crispum).

Dr. James A Howenstine, MD, a specialist in internal medicine with more than 35 years of experience and author of A Physicians Guide To Natural Health Products That Work, swears by parsley tea for urinary tract health. He writes, "Parsley tea is a major advance in Western health care.

Dr. Howenstine explains that parsley seems to penetrate the bladder wall very effectively. It ensures that your urinary tract is immaculate down to each and every cell. Parsley also works as a diuretic, increasing the amount of pee you get rid of at a time. These three herbs scrub down your urinary tract with a vengeance. However cleanliness is not the only factor in bladder health . . .

These Five Soothing Herbs Keep You Comfortable

There’s nothing like feeling comfortable.

That’s why we included three herbs made for comfort - the vitamin-C packed rose hips (Rosa canina), willow herb (Epilopbium parviflorum) and marshmallow (Althaea officinalis). While the clinical studies on their role in urinary health are scant,

  • A couple studies have confirmed willow herb's traditional use for prostate health. In addition, European and Native American herbal traditions have used it for both men and women to help with bladder health;
  • In addition to its powerful dose of the antioxidant vitamin C, rose hips may help the muscles of your bladder to relax.
  • Marshmallow has a long tradition of use for urinary health. It's recommended in the classic herbal reference, Mrs. M. Grieve's A Modern Herbal, for providing relief to minor pain in the urinary tract and for "exerting a relaxing effect upon the passages"..

And so you can enjoy even more comfort each day you drink Bladder Health Tea . . .

Tell Your Bladder To Relax With These Two Herbs

Most people know nettle (Urtica dioica) for its sting.

But more and more people are discovering that once you get past the stinging part, nettle provides incredible internal nutrition.

When it comes to bladder support specifically, a majority of the clinical research on nettle has been on men. Over 20 clinical studies have demonstrated its role in supporting prostate health. However, as researchers have observed, nettle's role in dealing with this area of health seems to revolve around lower urinary tract health.

Specifically, two of these clinical studies on nettle’s role in prostate health suggest that nettle may help make sure your bladder is thoroughly emptied.

While modern research has focused on its role in men's health, traditionally, nettle has been used for both men and women to help with urinary tract health.

Finally, we included the potent herb, goldenrod (Solidago canadensis).

The name, "solidago" means "to make whole" and traditionally this ubiquitous plant has been used to both externally and internally for a range of health concerns. Some preliminary data suggests this plant may help your bladder muscles relax.

An article published in the German medical journal by pharmacist MF Melzig pointed out that goldenrod has been used for centuries for urinary health with no side effects and great success.

A Clean Urinary Tract . . . Soothing Herbs . . . And Relaxed Bladder Muscles . . . What A Combination For Comfort And Healthy Bladder Health!

You can see now that we left no angle of achieving bladder comfort unaccounted for.

Many supplements don't work because they only use one or two herbs that only address part of the concern.

But our work through the years with experienced formulators makes it clear that sometimes you need a more complex answer . . .

Enjoy life on your terms – free and relaxed. Bladder Health Tea For Women works. Plain and simple. And to make it even easier for you to try it, Bell offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee*. If within 90 days you're not satisfied, you don't lose a thing. Bell will send you your purchase price back (less any shipping costs), no questions asked.

Use this information to enjoy healthy and normal bladder health – and to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with this.

Directions: We recommend drinking one large cup a day. Most women may have quick results within days. Others may need several weeks.

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