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Antaeus Labs Hydra Head Six, 120 capsules

The Ultimate Anti-Catabolic Formula!

Every bodybuilder’s biggest fear: Losing Gains.

You are probably well aware that when it comes time to get shredded and drop body fat, that you will likely be losing some of your hard-earned gains....

That used to be the case....

But now you can lose the fat and nothing else but that with the muscle preserving Hydra Head Six!

An intense six headed attack will be launched in order to help eliminate all muscle wasting factors including increasing your anabolic activity to promote muscle growth and muscle preservation, improving your endurance and blood flow, while helping to improve fat loss by increasing thermogenesis.

You have put the work into packing on the gains, now make sure you keep every last bit of them with Hydra Head Six! Get it now!

Key Benefits of Hydra Head Six:
  • Helps Decrease Muscle Catabolism
  • Helps Build Muscle Mass
  • Helps Improve Exercise Capacity
  • Helps Increase Strength
  • Helps Boost Nitric Oxide (Muscle Pumps)
  • Helps Increase Thermogenesis
When To Use Hydra Head Six:

While Cutting: Dieting is stress. With a sustained decrease in calories, the body thinks it is starving. This sets off a cascade of metabolic events designed to reduce calorie hungry muscle mass in order to decrease energy expenditure. One of these mechanisms is through increasing cortisol/glucocorticoid activity which kills muscle gains and increases body fat storage.

During Post Cycle: When running an anabolic cycle your cortisol levels are elevated due to the intensity of the cycle and training. When you come off cycle, your cortisol levels remain high putting your body in a highly catabolic state resulting in muscle loss and fat gain.

Key Ingredients of Hydra Head Six:

Vitamin C 2-phosphate: The most tantalizing way to decrease catabolism and muscle loss is to directly increase anabolism. This is not the Vitamin C you find in orange juice. VC2P is a much more stable, long acting derivative of regular Vitamin C. More importantly, it is the only form of Vitamin C that can accumulate in muscle cells following oral supplementation. It has been shown to promote both skeletal muscle fiber hypertrophy and differentiation.

Ursolic Acid: A triterpenoid found in numerous plants. It has long been demonstrated in the data to have a myriad of beneficial effects, but it normally has poor bioavailability. Hydra Head Six (HH6) complexes it in a cyclodextrin for superior solubility, thus partitioning, thus bioavailability. It potentiates amino acid (leucine) induced muscle differentiation. Further, it has been shown to increase muscle mass, fiber size (both slow and fast twitch), as well as exercise capacity and grip strength. Lastly, Ursolic Acid produced an increase in serum irisin levels and muscle strength -- a fact which may underlie the recomposition effects that users of high-dose ursolic acid products have noted.

Oenothera Odorata Root: Oenothera odorata is a perennial plant from South America which helps to reduce muscle wasting. It supports muscle mass, strength, and volume.

Ligustrazine: Dieting and weight loss cause vasoconstriction via alpha adrenergic receptor upregulation and increased activity signalling. This decreases the uptake of pro-anabolic nutrients to the muscle cell, as well as decreasing the clearance of catabolic byproducts of metabolism. Ligustrazine is a component of the widely popular Chinese herb, Chuanxiong, which has been found to possess vasorelaxant properties. It induces this vasodilation through an increase in nitric oxide and cGMP. It also increases fat burning (and may improve insulin related health issues), and it spares glucose for use in muscle cells to preserve energy and mass

Magnolol: suppresses catabolic proteins (including myostatin) and induces protein synthetic agents IGF-1 and Akt, mitigating inflammation and atrophy.

Drop Your Fat And Only That . . . With Hydra Head Six!

Hydra Head Six

Bulk While You Cut Miracle

or Six Headed Monster from Hell

As any serious bodybuilder knows, one of the dreaded side effect of cutting is losing your hard earned mass gains. But Antaeus Labs claims to be changing the game with Hydra Head Six, an anti-catabolic supplement.

Hydra Head Six contains anabolic boosters, which the company says will actually help you increase muscle mass while cutting. It also looks promising when used in post cycle therapy (PCT) as a way to hold onto all your muscle and strength gains, including the ones that tend to be lost as a result of finishing your cycle. Hmmm, haven’t we heard this all before – we’re not naming names but…you know who they are.

Antaeus Labs has a solid reputation as an innovator and was the developer of some serious mass gainers from the PH days. They were the first with an anabolic transdermal that customers claimed, stacked on mass to the tune of 15 lbs per cycle, all the while bypassing and saving your liver. Their newer products Thunder Bolt (pump enhancer) and Achilles (joint support) are well received by customers. Maybe this time someone got the bulk while you cut formula right, you be the judge.

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